Saturday, August 3, 2013

How I lost Weight Fast (The 36912 Diet)

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Here You Will Find My Personal Weight Loss Plan. Consult With Your Doctor Before Following Any New Diet Plan.

I Am Using This Blog To Document and Share What I'm Doing To Lose and Maintain My Weight.

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Some Of The Benefits I Personally Experience On This Diet
 More Energy, Rapid Weight Loss, Clearer Skin, Reduced Appetite,
Reduced PMS, Less Water Retention, Flatter Stomach, Regularity, Less Cellulite & More!
I Lost Over 30lbs and Still Losing.

The 36912 Diet Cleanse
My Weight Loss Plan and Tips

#1 Eat Low Glycemic Foods.

#2 Workout.

#3 Drink Lots Of Water.

#4 Take Supplements.

There are plenty of low glycemic foods to choose from, here are some examples ...beans, veggies, seeds, avocado, plums, prunes, grapefruit, hummus, salsa, Ezekiel low glycemic bread, seafood just to name a few.

Some supplements can help speed up results, one of my favorite supplements is psllium husk powder which is a type of fiber.

Click Here For A List Of Soluble Fiber Supplements.

Click Here For A List Of Exercise DVD's.


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  1. I dont use facebook anymore, (people keep trying to hack me on there) so can we do kik, or snapchat... skype?????? if so, my username on either is: Iscribblefan :) please, and thank you!

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  2. I will keep going.
    We can ALL make this!
    So let's GO.

  3. I would love to try this! What foods do you do or don't eat? I don't use sodium to cook nor do I add it to my food, so this is not a great loss for me and I drink 64oz of water a day and work out 2x/day. I recently lost 95lbs and I have about another 30-35lbs to go, so I'm thinking this would be a great way to finish my journey and get great looking abs!

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  6. What do you do when hunger pains or temptation occurs??